Connecting independent pharmacies to improve patient access to medications.

Turn losses into profits when you post excess inventory for sale.

Our online pharm-to-pharm marketplace values independent pharmacies, allowing them to be more adaptable and efficient. By opening pharmacy inventories to one another, pharmacies work together to reduce medication waste. Most importantly, we help recapture lost profits from expired inventory, so pharmacies can focus on serving their local communities.

Meet the Founder

Amantha Bagdon

For as long as she can remember, Amantha Bagdon had a love of science, math, and numbers. That love turned into a passion to become an innovative contributor in the healthcare industry. Majoring in pharmacology at University of California, San Diego gave her the path to combine her love of science with healthcare.

She quickly worked her way up in the independent pharmacy industry, becoming a certified, lead pharmacy technician, and due to her deep knowledge of the needs of the pharmacy business, ultimately becoming a reputable lead pharmacy services consultant in S. California. Her entrepreneurship genes kicked in when she saw a better way to help independent pharmacies be more successful.

Amantha founded RxPost to give independent pharmacies multiple services to increase efficiencies that save them time and money, thus allowing them to focus more on exceptional patient centric services, as well as expansion of their offerings.

The RxPost network provides a web-based prescription fulfillment service for shared inventory management and delivery allowing independent pharmacies to sell small quantities of non-expired prescription drugs and purchase drugs in short supply to satisfy a specific patient need.

Amantha’s vision is that as more and more pharmacies join the RxPost network, patients will recognize those pharmacies as those who will meet all their needs expeditiously with the highest quality customer service.

What’s next? Amantha and her team are relentlessly dedicated to continuing to deliver additional, creative solutions and broadened networks to help independent pharmacies grow their businesses faster and more profitably.