In this Drug Topics Q&A with Ginny Langbehn, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at American Associated Pharmacies, the focus was on optimizing marketing strategies.

Langbehn emphasized the importance of having an online presence, suggesting that a website serves as the home base for the world, although recent trends indicate a shift toward social media platforms and location-based services like Google Maps. She highlighted the significance of maintaining an active social media presence and recommended starting a newsletter to engage with patients.

By sending newsletters containing industry news, health trends, employee spotlights, and FAQs, pharmacies can cultivate ongoing relationships with their audience. Langbehn stressed the value of leveraging happy customers for online reviews, using postcards to make the process easy. She also emphasized building local community relationships through organizations such as chambers of commerce and local media, positioning pharmacies as experts, and enhancing visibility.

Additionally, Langbehn advised implementing patient loyalty programs and referral initiatives, rewarding customers for referrals with incentives like store discounts or gift cards. For pharmacies with limited budgets, focusing on hyperlocal proximity marketing through digital advertising, direct mail, and billboards around the physical location can be an effective strategy. These approaches can help pharmacies attract and retain customers in the new year, even in the face of marketing challenges.


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