In the evolving landscape of healthcare, pharmacists have assumed multifaceted roles, stepping up as essential healthcare providers amid labor shortages. They now administer vaccines, conduct patient care visits, monitor drug therapy, and even prescribe medications in some states. With these expanded responsibilities comes a shifting landscape for pharmacies, presenting challenges in patient engagement and billing.

A 2023 survey by RevSpring highlighted the significance of personalized patient engagement. Patients expect tailored communication channels, with 87% emphasizing the importance of following their preferences. Failure to honor these preferences erodes trust, with 4 out of 5 respondents indicating that communication through their chosen channels increases trust in providers. In navigating these challenges, pharmacies can leverage technology. Texting, with a staggering 95% read rate within 3 minutes, proves effective for prescription reminders, appointment notifications, and text-to-pay solutions. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, both inbound and outbound, streamline communication, with up to 75% of inbound IVR calls resulting in payments. Email, print, and digital forms enhance patient engagement, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology reducing administrative burdens and enhancing data accuracy. Empathy-driven messaging is pivotal. Tailoring messages based on financial profiles and billing cycles, offering diverse payment methods, and providing well-designed payment portals create a seamless experience. Personalized statements, empathetic messaging, and timely communication enhance patient satisfaction and streamline revenue cycle management.

In this era of expanded pharmacist responsibilities, understanding patient uniqueness and leveraging proven healthcare technology fosters patient satisfaction, strengthens relationships, and ensures effective collection for the diverse medical services pharmacies now provide.


Full article from Pharmacy Times here.

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