COVID-19 Test-to-Treat for pharmacy is finally here; how do you get your pharmacy to execute a successful test and treat program?

 In this webinar, we’ll sit down at the round table with John Kenlon, Senior VP Publisher (Drug Store News), and three subject matter experts, David Pope, PharmD, CDE, Shelley Hansell, and Harley Ross to discuss the implications, requirements, and partnerships needed to successfully execute Test-to-Treat in the pharmacy environment.

The webinar will be Tue, Sept. 27, 2022, at 2:00 PM EDT (11:00 AM PDT).

What they will cover:

  • What does the FDA rule reversal mean?
  • The depth of the protocols required by the FDA
  • The partnerships needed for success such as lab and patient primary care providers
  • The steps needed to operationalize Test-to-Treat immediately
  • How to generalize test and treat for the future