This article by Maimah Karmo emphasizes the crucial role of pharmacy students and pharmacists in patient advocacy, highlighting the significance of going beyond traditional practices to enhance patient care. It outlines four essential tips for collaborating effectively with patient advocacy organizations.

Firstly, pharmacists can provide medication education and counseling, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their health and medications. Secondly, they can advocate for medication access and affordability, contributing their expertise to promote policies and programs that increase access to affordable medications for all. Thirdly, pharmacists can actively engage in health policy development, ensuring that medication-related concerns are addressed in policy discussions, leading to improved healthcare outcomes. Lastly, becoming advocates themselves enables pharmacists to be health ambassadors in their communities, fostering better health literacy, adherence, trust, and relationships. Engaging with patient advocacy organizations offers numerous benefits. It enhances patient care by providing pharmacy professionals with a deeper understanding of patient needs, allowing for more empathetic and patient-centered care.

Collaboration amplifies their voice on important healthcare issues, enabling them to influence positive changes in healthcare systems and policies. Additionally, it helps build professional networks, fostering mentorship opportunities and collaborations with like-minded individuals. Most importantly, it empowers patients by equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to advocate for their health. Karmo emphasizes the transformative potential of collaboration between pharmacy professionals and patient advocacy organizations, encouraging pharmacy students to actively seek opportunities to make a difference and contribute to creating a more patient-centered and equitable healthcare system.


Full article from Pharmacy Times here.

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