Over 3,000 pharmacies in California have ceased flavoring medications for children, including popular ones like Tamiflu and amoxicillin, awaiting new rules from the state's Board of Pharmacy.

This change follows updated guidance from the United States Pharmacopeia, which now categorizes flavoring as drug compounding, leading to concerns about increased costs and potential challenges in administering medication to children. Governor Gavin Newsom's 2019 law mandates the adoption of US Pharmacopeia regulations, and while the Board of Pharmacy is developing new rules, some fear the stringent regulations may limit this service.

Approximately 50 pharmacies still offer flavoring, leaving families worried about accessibility and children's willingness to take unflavored medication. Pharmacists argue for an exemption, emphasizing the safety and simplicity of their long-standing practice, which has served thousands of children without reported adverse events. Despite pleas at a Board of Pharmacy meeting, the vice president stated that exempting flavoring would conflict with federal law, signaling a potential shift in how pharmacies provide this valuable service.


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