Medication adherence plays a crucial role in enhancing health outcomes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights its impact on managing chronic diseases and reducing mortality. However, many individuals are not following prescribed medication regimens, leading to avoidable consequences.

Retail pharmacies are working to tackle this issue with solutions like calendarized medication adherence packaging. Covectra conducted research revealing that patients and caregivers value this packaging, seeing it as personalized and effective. Around 89% feel it helps patients complete their prescriptions.

Personalization is increasingly important to consumers, enhancing engagement and loyalty. Calendarized adherence packaging is seen as highly personalized by 76% of respondents.

Recognizing the significance of adherence, 99% of respondents consider it important, with 73% emphasizing its high importance. Calendarized packaging is also valued, with 91% expressing its importance. To address non-adherence, persistent reorder reminders hold value. 84% believe reorder reminders on pill packaging are valuable. Many individuals have forgotten to take, refill, or reorder medications.

QR codes, popularized during the pandemic, are viewed as gateways to healthcare information and services. 73% would use QR codes linked to pharmacy services, and 85% find QR codes for web-based medication details important. Concern for the environment drives interest in eco-friendly packaging, with 85% emphasizing its importance.

While online pharmacies are growing, in-store pharmacies still dominate prescription acquisition. 88% primarily use in-store pharmacies, indicating room for growth in the online pharmacy market.


Full article from Covectra here.

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