Jessica McMakin and Marina Mangham, along with their colleague Lexi Hyam, co-own The Apothecary Room, a vibrant pharmacy in Edmond, Oklahoma. Their journey began six years ago when they met at another pharmacy, and their shared vision led them to establish their independent pharmacy.

Focused on personalized patient care, they operate on a cash pricing model, avoiding traditional insurance to offer affordable medications without complications. The pharmacy's colorful and welcoming atmosphere is a result of careful decision-making, reflecting their commitment to creating a happy space for both staff and patients. Exceptional customer service is their cornerstone, with staff greeting patients by name and emphasizing the importance of individualized attention. Additionally, they engage with the community by supporting local businesses, providing flu shots through mobile clinics, and organizing educational events on various health topics.

As a USP 800–compliant compounding pharmacy, they specialize in hormone replacement therapy, methylene blue, low-dose naltrexone, and topical pain creams. They continuously educate themselves to offer high-quality compounded medications and explore possibilities in dermatology, podiatry, pediatrics, and other specialties. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, they use advanced equipment like MAZ speed mixers and a VIVID pill-counting machine.

Their dedication to personalized care and community involvement sets The Apothecary Room apart as a beacon of healthcare in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Full article from Pharmacy Times here.

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