Stay competitive by offering free sharps containers delivered straight to your patients’ doors

Legislation from the State of California requires that sharps customers be provided information on the proper disposal of sharps. MED-Project has a FREE program for retailers to offer sharps mail-back packages to their customers.

Here’s how you can provide this FREE service to your customers at no cost to you – JOIN TODAY!

Activate on their website

Click here to sign up!

  •  You will need your facility’s National Provider Identifier number to activate. If you do not have an NPI#, contact them at the phone number or email below to obtain an activation code.

Information on proper disposal of sharps

Request FREE leaflets from MED-Project via our website. You can also download graphics to print on your own materials.

Offer sharps mail-back packages

Submit online orders through their website to have sharps mail-back packages shipped directly to the customer’s residence upon request. If you would like to provide sharps mail-back packages over the counter, you can order supplies to keep at your location.

  • Each sharps mail-back package consists of a 1.4-quart FDA-cleared sharps container, shipping box, and instruction sheet.

Contact them if you would like more information or have questions.

Call (833) 633-7765, or email

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